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For over 37 years, Washtech have been a leader in ware washing and could easily be considered the number 1 brand in Australia for commercial dishwashers and glass washers.

Known throughout the commercial kitchen equipment industry for producing reliable and innovative machines, Washtech commercial dishwashers offer a solution for all venues and all budgets. When you buy a Washtech commercial dishwasher or glass washer, you can be guaranteed that you’re getting a machine that is:

  • Quality, inside and out
  • High performing
  • Easy to install
  • Built to last
  • Easy to clean

The following information is designed to give you a good overview of the four core groups of Washtech Commercial Dishwashers. Click on each image for more information about the individual machines and their specifications.


What Type of Machine Are You After?

There are several different styles of dishwashers available, and it’s not always easy to decide what you need. At Arcus, our experienced team are on hand to answer all your questions and break through the technical bombardment you get when reading about commercial dishwasher and glass washers.

A few different types of commercial dishwashers & glass washers that we supply include:

  • Undercounter – exactly as it sounds, designed to fit neatly under a 900mm high bench you will find in most kitchens. More cost effective in your initial investment but takes longer to load and involves more effort.
  • Glass Washer – generally found behind a bar, a glass washer will use smaller racks (normally 450mm or 14″x17″). They are not normally as powerful as a dishwasher.
  • Pass Through – also known as a hood type machine, they sit in line with a bench or in a corner and allow you to quickly slide in your basket from one side and out the other. Great for high volumes due to their speed and efficiency.
  • Rack Conveyor – a continuous running machine that moves the baskets through wash and rinse zones automatically. They are commonly used in bigger venues.
  • Heat Condensing – most brands now offer some type of heat condensing system that can be known as a heat exchange system, heat recovery or even energy saving device. Your dishwasher creates steam when rinsing your products to preheat the incoming water temperature so that you don’t have to heat it as much in the machine. This offers three main advantages: it reduces the heat and humidity in the room, it saves energy on heating water and in most cases, it removes the need for canopy above the machine.

Commercial Dishwashers For Cafes and Other Smaller Venues

If you’re looking for a commercial dishwasher or glass washer for your café, small restaurant or bar, look no further than the X series from Washtech. The X Series offers excellent wash results in less time and at lower operating costs than other leading brands.


Washtech XU Commercial Dishwasher Washtech XP Commercial Dishwasher Washtech XG Commercial Glass Washer

(from the left, Washtech XU Undercounter Dishwasher, Washtech XP Pass Through Dishwasher, Washtech XG Undercounter Glass Washer)

Washtech’s X Series has been meticulously designed to meet the requirements of smaller venues of start-ups that want a robust, easy to use machine at a lower initial investment cost. The main benefits of the X Series include:

  • Classic Washtech Hybrid Control panel means these commercial dishwasher and glass washers are simple to use and simple to repair.
  • Quick start wash cycles that start immediately are prolonged if the rinse isn’t at the correct temperature. This means that the X series guarantees sanitation.
  • Dual chemical injectors and quick connection services effectively make these commercial dishwashers plug and play in most situations.


Commercial Dishwashers For Mid Size Venues

If you are a mid-size venue looking for slightly more sophistication in your commercial dishwasher or glass washer then the M series is for you.

Washtech GM Commercial DishwasherWashtech UD Commercial DishwasherWashtech M2 Commercial DishwasherWashtech M2C Commercial Dishwasher

(from the left, Washtech GM Glass Washer, Washtech UD Dishwasher, Washtech M2 Dishwasher, Washtech M2C Dishwasher with Heat Condensing System)

The Washtech M Series offers raft of more advanced features and is the go-to range for the more demanding user. As far as commercial dishwashers go, these are amongst the most popular in Australia. Features of the M Series include:

  • Thermal insulation on the front of the GM and UD means a quieter and cooler machine.
  • Enhanced filtration on the US and M2 models.
  • Intuitive electronic controls clearly communicate machine status and offer extra functionality over electromechanical controls. The series also offers clear error diagnostic on the rare occasion that there may be an issue.
  • Dual chemical injectors and quick connection services effectively make these commercial dishwashers plug and play in most situations.
  • Eco Power operation helps to reduce running costs

Recently added to this leading range is the Washtech M2C commercial dishwasher with a heat condensing system. Also known as a heat exchange system or heat recovery system, the M2C uses the hot steam generated during a wash cycle to preheat the incoming cold water. This means you can clean up to 1000 plates per hour on a cold-water feed. A few benefits to the Washtech M2C include:  

  • The M2C will run efficiently off your cold water main. This means that it saves money on you having to generate large volumes of hot water outside of the machine.
  • By condensing the steam, you are putting less heat and humidity back into your kitchen. This helps you to save on air conditioning costs and expensive extraction systems.


Perth’s Top Range of Commercial Dishwashers

When you are the kind of person or business who expects the very best, the Washtech A Series is what you need. With higher performance levels, greater energy efficiency and extended functionality, this series is hard to beat. 

Washtech AL Commercial Dishwasher Washtech GL Commercial Dishwasher.png Washtech UL Commercial Dishwasher.png

(From the left, Washtech AL Dishwasher, Washtech GL Glass Washer, Washtech UL Dishwasher)

An advanced filtration system that accumulates food scraps and removes them from the machine during operation is just one of the high-tech features of the A series. Others include:

  • Powerful pumps that deliver a smooth and soft start help reduce breakages or those lighter items flipping in the machine.
  • Full acoustic and thermal insulation offers quieter and cooler operation.
  • Spring assisted doors on the under-counter dishwashers ensure a soft fluid action on opening and closing, meaning no more dropping against you knee.
  • High chamber clearance means a larger cavity for larger items.
  • Clear electronic controls offer greater visibility on operation and error diagnostic.
  • Dual chemical injectors and quick connection services effectively make these commercial dishwashers plug and play in most situations.


Commercial Dishwashers For Regular Large Volume Washing

If you are a larger venue such as a small hotel, small hospital, or large aged care facility, then the C-Type Rack Conveyors from Washtech could be the answer.

Washtech CD200 Commercial Dishwasher Washtech CD150 Commercial Dishwasher Washtech CD100 Commercial Dishwasher

(From the left, Washtech CD200 Dishwasher, Washtech CD150 Dishwasher, Washtech CD100 Dishwasher)

These modular machines are configured and assembled depending on your requirements. A wide range of options helps deliver the right combination of sort, pre-wash, wash, rinse and dry. Some features to note include:

  • All machines incorporate safety features such as door safety switches, door catches, conveyor drive clutch and low-level water protection.
  • Full width counterbalanced doors offer easy access to the wash chamber.
  • Easily removable wash and rinse arms.
  • Rounded tank corners help prevent the collection of dirt in the tank.
  • Rinse economiser minimises water usage as it only allows the rinse to operate when racks are in the zone.


The Washtech Warranty Promise

Washtech back their products with one of the best warranties in the Commercial Kitchen Equipment market. They offer an outstanding 5 years on the cabinet, 2 years on the wash pump and a comprehensive parts and labour warranty for the first 12 months.

Need More Information?

By clicking on the individual images above, you will be taken to the specific product pages throughout our website. Each of these contains detailed specifications of the individual units. For detailed information, click here to download the Washtech Commercial Dishwasher brochure.

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