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SKOPE Fridges

After more than 50 years in the industry, SKOPE Refrigeration remains one of the leading commercial refrigeration manufacturers in Australia and an award-winning innovator. If you’re after a quality fridge, freezer, ice machine or blast chiller built to last, reach out to Arcus about our range of SKOPE fridges in Perth.

SKOPE Commercial Display Fridges

At Arcus Australia, we supply only the best commercial fridges from the world’s best brands. SKOPE is Australia’s most popular glass door fridge for a reason. Whether you’re selling cold drinks, food or flowers, SKOPE fridges feature exceptional lighting, clear glass and low noise. They work in high temperature environments but keep your products cold and fresh.

With the latest green technology, most SKOPE fridges now cost less than a dollar per day to run. By upgrading your old fridges, you could save your business thousands of dollars in power bills.

Our range of SKOPE fridges includes:

  • Food Preparation Fridges
  • Display Fridges
  • Underbench Fridges
  • Blast Chillers and Blast Freezers
  • Open Deck Display Fridges
  • Commercial Ice Machines
  • Food / Cake Display Fridges and more

Why Use SKOPE Fridges

SKOPE fridges are one of the most sophisticated commercial fridge products on the market. Not only are they extremely efficient but they also give you full transparency over how you manage and monitor your fridge.

SKOPE ActiveCore is an advanced refrigeration system that offers a high level of efficiency, major energy savings and advanced unit control with SKOPE-connect, a powerful refrigeration control and monitoring app.

SKOPE-connect allows you to monitor and control your fridge via your smartphone. This enables you to configure your fridge’s temperature to the product you are storing, set up lighting, monitor energy usage and get temperature history for HACCP monitoring.

Browse Our Range SKOPE Fridges Today

Interested in our range of SKOPE fridges? The expert team at Arcus will be able to create a SKOPE refrigeration solution that perfectly suits your commercial business. Whether you are a local cafe or a large supermarket, the team at Arcus is here to help you. Make an enquiry today!