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Ice Machines

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Commercial Ice Machines

If you are looking for high-quality commercial ice machines and ice makers in Perth, then look no further than Arcus.

A commercial ice machine is a valuable investment for your business. From large volume ice makers, through to compact all-in-one units, we offer a range of commercial ice makers that will be sure to suit your needs.

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Commercial Ice Makers & Machines

Commercial ice machines are available in a variety of styles, either as a self-contained unit or an ice head with a storage bin. The ice head is the machine that creates the ice itself and sits above the ice storage bin. We offer ice heads in a range of capacities and can help guide your decision for the best ice head for your business. Our ice heads offer efficient ice production, featuring energy-saving technology and antimicrobial protection for the cleanest ice production possible. Designed to produce full or half-sized ice cubes, these ice heads are high quality and can be trusted to manufacture top-quality ice for years.

Ice bins are the storage component for your ice. We offer ice bins in a range of heights and widths, so you can find the one that best suits your available space. They feature a built-in scoop holder and have tight seals combined with quality insulation to prevent ice from melting, even in the hottest of environments.

Self-contained Ice Makers & Machines

Arcus offers a range of self-contained commercial ice makers – smaller devices that both create and store ice. These self-contained units are ideal for placing under a bench and are well suited for smaller venues where large quantities of ice are not necessary.

There are many different types of ice, from the traditional ice cube that most of us are familiar with to flake ice, nugget ice, cubelet ice and scale ice. All these serve a different purpose, so discuss you exact needs with our staff today and we won’t leave you skating on thin ice.

Organise A Commercial Ice Machine For Your Business Today

Arcus offers top-quality commercial ice machines in Perth, suitable for a range of industries. Whether you need small or large volumes of ice, trust our expert team to help find your ideal ice maker. Contact us today by calling (08) 9241 8888.