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Bench Top Equipment

Commercial Kitchen Equipment isn’t just about the large items, bench top equipment or countertop equipment can have an important role to play in your commercial kitchen.

If you are small venue offering a small amount of food, then bench top equipment could be what you are after. Say you only have a small amount of frying, the odd arancini ball or a small number of chips then consider a small bench top fryer from Woodson or Roband. Want to try your hand at some hot breakfasts, if so a bench top griddle could cook your bacon, eggs, sausages and more. Combine this with a commercial toaster, commercial induction plate or even a sous-vide machine and you really could cover a good breakfast menu.

Bench top equipment isn’t just limited to cooking. Consider a Vegetable Prep Machine these are ideal for slicing and dicing your vegetables saving you considerable time and money, but also guaranteeing you consistent results time after time. Blixers and hand stick blenders compliment these items and Arcus offer a full range from Hallde, Robot Coupe and Dynamic.

Have you considered adding induction to your kitchen, these bench top cooking items are a good way to expand your cooking line up and offer fast heat up, low energy wastage and don’t heat up your kitchen like conventional gas or electric stoves. Cooktek Induction is our recommended choice, but we also offer Anvil Induction, Dippo Induction and more.

So whatever bench top equipment you are after, take a browse at the small selection below but don’t forget this is just a small selection of the fantastic brands Arcus Australia have to offer, all at some of the best prices in Perth.

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