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Arcus Water Coolers

Whether you’re a sports club, school, office or warehouse, every organisation needs a steady supply of cool, refreshing water from an Arcus commercial water cooler. At Arcus, we manufacture all our water coolers and water dispensers right here in Perth, WA – we understand Western Australian’s needs and have the perfect commercial water cooler solution for your organisation.

Custom Commercial & Office Water Cooler Solutions

Can’t find the perfect office water fountain or water cooler for your school or club? No worries. We can produce a custom water cooler that works with your specific constraints. Our professional team build commercial water coolers to the highest quality and take pride in seeing our free-standing, trough type or wall mounted water coolers all over Perth and WA.

Free Standing Water Coolers

Our most popular commercial water coolers are the STW range. These water dispensers feature rust-resistant polished stainless-steel tops and are available with both bubblers and jug fillers in both various combinations. With a brushed stainless-steel finish as standard, these water fountains are the perfect multi-purpose solution for schools, offices, large workshops or sporting stadiums requiring water coolers.
Wall Mounted Water Coolers

Limited space? Our compact WM18BJ drinking water fountain can provide 18 litres of cool water per hour and mounts securely onto your wall without taking up too much valuable floor space. These compact drinking fountains are perfect for your Perth office, lunchroom or factory floor.

Draining Fountain Troughs

For high demand from multiple users at once, our US62 water cooler combined with one of our drinking troughs is a necessity. The US62 features a 5.5 litre tank with a large 57 litre per hour recovery which makes them ideal for high demand periods like lunch or recess at schools.

2020 Brings More Exciting Developments to our WA Made Water Coolers. Watermark Approval and Bottle Fillers on all Troughs. Arcus water coolers and drinking fountains in Perth have seen a lot of changes in the past few years. Early 2020 saw us gain the Watermark approval for our entire range of WA made Water Coolers. Unlike some brands whose taps are the only part Watermarkked, our coolers are approved from water in to water out, making them 100% Watermark approved.

Furthermore, our new range of troughs, including the HT4D disabled access trough now include a water spout for bottle filling as standard, making them even more versatile and user friendly. These developments follow on from our 2018 upgrades which not only saw the range welcome stainless steel as standard, we also introduced the zero ozone depletion R134a as our standard refrigerant. However, the biggest upgrade was the addition of the Arcus XR75 Dixell controller. This digital controller shows alarms, controls fan speed, prevents short cycling of the compressor and it allows the units to run even after a probe failure, making them some of the most advanced commercial water coolers on the market.

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Arcus manufacture Perth’s favourite water dispensers and commercial water coolers, providing fixtures perfect for any workspace, office, school or other sites. If we don’t have your perfect drinking fountain solution in our range, call us today and we will work with you to design, manufacture and install the perfect product, all from our factory in Malaga, WA. Alternatively, if you’d like to know more or have any questions, contact us today.

To download a summary of the Arcus Water Cooler range, please see below.

Arcus Water Cooler Range Summary – June 2020