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Upright Display Freezers

Commercial Display Freezers  

At Arcus Australia, we supply iconic supermarkets with top quality commercial display freezers. Whether it be a glass door display freezer or an upright display freezer, we have the solutions and units created to showcase your frozen goods with ease.  

Our cutting-edge display freezers come with many features such as precise temperature control, LED internal lighting and custom details to add a touch of your brand’s personality. Despite the variety of features, these commercial display freezers are highly efficient and powerful with a quality build, giving your food items and beverages consistent refrigeration.  

Trust in us to supply your supermarket with display freezers that showcase the quality of your stock. 


We are WA’s leading supermarket equipment supply with a long 70-year history. Our experience translates to the display freezers we manufacture and supply. We understand the harsh environment of Western Australia and aim to supply supermarkets with display freezers that provide the longevity needed to showcase your frozen goods.  


With all these quality display freezers to choose from, chat with our friendly team to help you find the display freezer your supermarket needs. Contact us today.