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Vaccine Fridges

Vaccine Fridges

At Arcus, we understand that choosing the correct method of storage for your vaccines is imperative, as vaccines can lose their effectiveness if allowed to get too hot or cold. If exposed to direct sunlight or florescent lighting, vaccines may also become less effective. That’s why we design and supply vaccine fridges of the utmost quality, to provide a safe and suitable option for storing vaccines.

The range of vaccine fridges available from Arcus are designed to meet the Australian Government’s “strive for 5” guidelines, in ensuring that your vaccines are kept at an optimal 5 degrees and not outside of the critical 2 to 8 degree Celsius safe window.

WA Manufactured Since the 1960s

Here at Arcus, we developed our first vaccine fridge in the 1960’s at the direct request from some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies. Today, we have 5 standard models available, as well as a custom division that can build a fridge to suit your specific needs. What’s more, every Arcus made vaccine fridge is locally manufactured in Western Australia.

Complementary Imported Range of Vaccine Fridges

To complement our range of WA made vaccine fridges, we also offer a range of imported units from brands such as Nuline, Bromic and ICS, with the small 135 litre under the counter fridge being one of the most popular.

The Cold Chain

The cold chain is a system that enables you to transport and store vaccines, keeping them within the safe temperature range of 2 degrees to 8 degrees Celsius at all times. This is imperative to maintain the effectiveness of the vaccine, so it is therefore vital to maintain the cold chain all the way from manufacturing, right through to administration.

Checklist for Effective Vaccine Storage

  • Use a reliable and stable vaccine fridge with adequate capacity.
  • Ensure your vaccine fridge uses accurate and reliable temperature monitoring equipment.
  • Have a written process for monitoring and recording the temperatures in your vaccine fridge.
  • Make sure the temperature probe is placed properly.
  • Make sure all staff are educated in the methods of correctly handling vaccines.
  • Have a maintenance program in place for your vaccine fridge and temperature monitoring system.
  • Have in place a written process for handling a cold chain breach.
  • Have in place a written process for ordering and rotating stock.
  • Have in place a written process for receiving vaccines.
  • Have in place a written process for managing a power failure.

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