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Commercial Bar Fridges

Commercial Bar Fridges

Commercial bar fridges are the cornerstone of any bar, they play an important role in your bar’s overall function and therefore must satisfy in multiple ways.

A commercial bar fridge must display your products clearly, if a customer can’t see what you offer, how do they choose what to buy? This isn’t limited to just having glass doors, you also need to control condensation on the glass, in some locations Low-E doors are the solution, but start to add any serious level of humidity and you really need to be looking at fully heated doors.

Durability and adaptability are also important. A commercial bar fridge must also be built to withstand the daily rigour of being in your bar. A cheap, unreliable bar fridge isn’t going to hold temperature when doors are being opened hundreds of times an hour, doors, hinges and seals will all be a problem if the bar fridge you purchase fit for purpose.

Specialist Commercial Bar Fridges

Arcus Australia are the last WA manufacturer of quality commercial bar fridges. Our range is ideal when you want a quality product that offers a seamless look behind your bar. An Arcus bar fridge comes into its own when you need something more than a standard 4 door bar fridge or you’ve made the decision to have a remote bar fridge. We offer selectable door widths, heated doors and fully customisable size options making them perfect for nearly any venue.

We also offer the full range of SKOPE bar fridges and Williams bar fridges who both offer excellent options from 2 to 4 doors. If you are a smaller venue where you wish to keep just a few drinks cold we also offer the budget range from Bromic.

Speak to the Bar Fridge Experts at Arcus Today

No matter the size of your venue, Arcus offer every solution you could wish for when it comes to your commercial bar fridge. Call us on (08) 9241 8888 today to speak to one of our expert consultants.