A large number of commercial kitchens have an element of deep frying to their menu. Whether this is a delicious crispy tempura prawn or a helping of Australia’s favourite, the hot chip, a functional and reliable fryer is key to ensure that quality can be maintained even at very high volumes and quality commercial cooking equipment plays a massive part in this consistency.

At Arcus we supply a number of leading industry brands of commercial fryers and FastFri from Moffat is one of them. The FastFri machines are robust, efficient, reliable and are backed up by one of the industry’s best. In this blog, we explore why these factors are so crucial in places like takeaway shops, food trucks, cafes, restaurants and QSRs, and explain how FastFri can meet the demands of these popular venues.


The Importance of Reliable Fryers

The first reason to make sure your commercial fryer is reliable is to ensure that consistent and high volumes of food can be produced. When a kitchen gets busy, there can be dozens of different orders to deliver in a short space of time and if a fryer can’t be trusted to operate for your entire service, then there can be inconvenient and costly delays, which of course can have significant consequences for a quick service business where speed is one of the main selling points.

Conversely, quality needs to be maintained even when large volumes of orders are required in quick succession. This is a particular problem with fryers, where the end-product can be hugely affected by the quality and the temperature of the oil and at the same time, you don’t want to be constantly changing oil to maintain good results, as this can have a significant impact on your financial bottom line.

A final point to keep in mind in terms of reliability is robustness. The sheer volume of food that goes through the average commercial fryer in a service can put a lot of stress on your fryers, and using cheaper machines with lower quality materials may mean you’ll have to replace each unit much sooner than you’d expect.

FastFri FF18 Fryers

The FastFri FF18 Commercial Fryer from industry giant Moffat is designed to fulfill all of the different demands placed on it whilst remaining affordable and compact.

The FF18 is simple to use which is vitally important for those who may not have a full team of skilled chefs – but it still boasts more than enough power (90mj) and functionality with an 18 litre capacity, these units are ideally suited to small or medium sized businesses, but their small size also means that multiple units will comfortably fit in most kitchens too.

Thanks to stainless steel open pans, with a good sized cold zone, the FastFri FF18 is also more than capable of handling all the rigours of busy service, while the mechanical thermostat provides precise temperature control, which is critical when frying.

Arcus have a FastFri FF18 on our showroom floor to view and at under $1700 + GST, if you are looking for a fryer, it should be on your to look at list.