There are plenty of options on the market these days that offer cool water for your workers, students or guests, but it’s important to remember that not all Water Coolers are created equal.

With over a dozen Water Coolers in the range, the Arcus Australia Water Coolers are Western Australian made in our Malaga factory and are what we of course believe to be the best Water Coolers on the market in Perth.

Let’s take a closer look at three of the items in our range.

STW18, STW34 and STW54 Freestanding Water Coolers

Arcus STW34BJ

Cabinet Construction

These compact free standing units feature modern styling and robust construction. The top is one piece pressed polished stainless steel to resist rust, corrosion and stains. The cabinet external is all steel with a zinc aluminium base, epoxy primer and a deep durable coat of white epoxy paint as the finish. Internally all steel is galvanized and the base is of stainless steel to increase the life of the cabinet against water damage and scuffing. The cabinet external is also available in stainless steel.

Clever Design.

The majority of these Water Coolers will operate in an energy efficient mode in ambient temperatures of less than 35°C. However, these Water Coolers are fitted with a high ambient switch which enables the unit to safely operate in temperatures up to 48°C (as standard STW18 and STW34 only). On the STW54, an inbuilt thermostat senses the ambient and adjusts the system operation to suit temperatures from 10°C up to 48°C.

Water Delivery.

In terms of water delivery, the models offer the following maximum hourly water output at 10oC
STW18 – 55 litres
STW34 – 111 litres
STW54 – 158 litres

Water Flow.

The self regulating, Stainless Steel bubbler on these Water Coolers is rated to supply 1.88 litres of water per minute at mains water pressures between 140 and700 kPa. The jugfiller can provide up to 10 litres per minute and is manually regulated.


All three models have tops designed with three tap positions designed to take bubblers (b) or jug fillers (J) and all have the ability to install an internal water filter be supplied finished externally in Stainless Steel.

We also offer a Leveling / Securing Base that allows to install the units in a location where the floor may be uneven of sloping.


For ease of service the front panel is removable to gain access to all the components and controls, Plumbing does not need to be disconnected.


You can learn more by visiting our Water Coolers page or visit the individual product pages for the STW18, STW34, STW54

Don’t forget we also do long and short term rentals on a number of a water coolers, check out the Arcrent page to learn more.

To be Continued….

Over the coming months we will cover more of our range of Water Coolers, including the wall mounted WM18BJ that is ideal for locations such as offices, tearooms, factories etc, to the freestanding STW44BB with rubber mouth pieces that is perfect suited to schools.