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Spare parts for all your commercial refrigeration, cooking equipment, beer systems and more.

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The Arcus spare parts department can help you track down spares for commercial refrigeration items, commercial cooking equipment and any other related item you may have in your hospitality of food service venue.

Refrigeration Spare Parts

Our dedicated spare parts department stock a huge variety of refrigeration spare parts and are a registered top tier reseller for all the major refrigeration manufactures in and around Australia.

It doesn’t mater if you need a compressor, thermostat, coil, gasket or any part for any brand of commercial refrigeration, call our spare parts department today and we’ll do our best to track it down for you.


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I didn't buy my fridge from you, will you still help?

Of course, we’ve all made silly decisions in the past, the good news is you are talking to us now.

What refrigeration brands can you help me with?

Pretty much every commercial refrigeration brand in Australia, give us the make and model of the unit you have, and the spare part needed and we’ll do our best to track it down.

Food Service and Commercial Kitchen Equipment Spare Parts

It’s not just refrigeration though, our Spare Parts department can handle all your parts enquiries for your Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Commercial Food Service Equipment as well.

From knobs for your commercial oven, thermostats for your combi , wash arms for you commercial dishwasher or control panels for you food displays.  As a top tier reseller for all the major brands, you can be confident in bringing all your spare parts enquiries directly to Arcus.


Do you do chemicals for dishwashers or ovens?

Arcus can supply you chemicals for all major brands of combi ovens and dishwashers, call us today for the latest pricing from Convotherm and Washtech to Rational, Houno, Eswood, Hobart and more.

Can I get trays and racks from Arcus?

Yes, we can get all your baking pans, GN pans and oven racks, just give us the sizes you need and we’ll give you a price.

All the brands under one roof

The Arcus spare parts team can help with any spare part from our industry leading partners, some of which are listed below.

One supplier for all your commercial refrigeration and commercial cooking equipment spare parts.

Finding a spare part is not always easy so let us do it for you.  The Arcus Australia spare parts department is set up to track down your part, price it and get availability whilst you can go about getting on with your real work.

Whilst many people still think of Arcus as just refrigeration, refrigeration service and refrigeration spare parts, we specialise in a whole lot more.   From food service equipment, beer and beverage systems, cooking equipment, warewashing items and much more.

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Beer and Beverage Systems Spare Parts

From founts to pythons to ball valves to couplers and more, we hold a selection of spare parts and buy at the best rates from all the top tier brands and suppliers.

We also employ one of the best beer system minds in the business, so if you have a problem with your beer system and need service or parts, make a call to Arcus today

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