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SKOPE Commercial Refrigeration

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SKOPE are Australia’s leading refrigeration brand renowned for performance, durability and lowest-cost of life. Arcus can supply SKOPE’s full range at excellent pricing.

SKOPE Commercial Display Fridges

SKOPE is Australia’s most popular glass door fridge for a reason. Whether your selling cold drinks, food or flowers, SKOPE merchandise products to their best with exceptional lighting, clear glass and low noise.  They work in high temperature environments but keep your products cold and fresh.

With the latest green technology, most SKOPE models now cost less than a dollar per-day to run. By upgrading your old fridges you could save thousands of dollars on your power bills.

The Rise of the Bottom Mount Display Fridge?

A bottom mount display fridge raises you product and puts more of it at eye level, making it easier for customers to both see and reach all the items in the display fridge. But it’s not just that, it makes the fridge easier to service, no more ladders and leaning over the fridge to service or repair the fridge and a lower center of gravity practically eliminates the chance of tipping so it’s easier to move around your business.

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How do I choose between a SKOPE TME1000N-A and BME1200N-A Commercial Display Fridge?

The TME1000N-A is an excellent display fridge, but a few simple details make the BME1200N-A a perfect choice for your next display fridge.

  • The BME1200N-A has a better energy rating.
  • The BME1200N-A will display more product.
  • The BME1200N-A is easier to service
  • The BME1200N-A is available as standard in black or white.
  • the BME1200N-A is front breathing so only needs 50mm clearance at the back and not 300mm above

What is SKOPE ActiveCore?

ActiveCore is an advanced refrigeration system that offers a high level of efficiency, major energy savings, advanced unit control with SKOPE-connect, R290 natural refrigerant and a full 5 year ActiveCore warranty.

ActiveCore is a standard feature on the TME, BME, SKT and SKB display fridge range and you can download a range brochure here.

What is SKOPE-connect

Unique to SKOPE – you can monitor and control your fridge via your smart phone – with SKOPE-connect. This enables you to configure you fridge’s temperature to the product you are storing, set-up lighting, monitor energy usage and get temperature history – for HACCP monitoring.

SKOPE Back Bar Fridges

SKOPE Back Bar Fridges have always been a popular choice in taverns, bars, restaurants and other venues looking to display and serve drinks from behind a counter.

From the original Back Bars, the range has developed over the years through the Back Bar X series and now onto the new, next generation Back Bar N series that offers natural refrigerants and incredible reductions in energy consumption.

Still made in New Zealand, the new Back Bar N series improves on the already excellent Back Bar x series with features that include

  • Quieter running (NEW)
  • R290 natural refrigerant (NEW)
  • Easy service
  • Dimmable LED lights (NEW)
  • locking tabs on each door (Was an option on the old Back Bar X)

At 920mm tall, the SKOPE Back Bar N series will fit 2 full rows of Riesling bottles or three rows of beer.

If you need something shorter, there is also the CounterLine (CL) and CounterChiller (CC) series.  With all the great features of the BackBar, these units start from only 840 high so will sit comfortably under most 900mm high benches.

Browse the range and Back Bar N fridges

SKOPE-connect, the Simple way to Monitor Your Fridges Temperature!

SKOPE-connect is a powerful refrigeration control and monitoring app.  Completely free and compatible with SKOPE’s most popular models, the app helps owners minimise food waste, minimise power costs, and minimise downtime.  Monitor and control things like temperature, lighting, door openings and energy consumption from your smartphone to maximize the performance and efficiency of your commercial refrigeration.

However, the best thing about SKOPE-connect is you don’t even need to buy a SKOPE fridge to use it.  Simply place a SKOPE-connectEYE monitoring device inside any fridge, freezer, or cool room from any brand, to start leveraging the data from your existing refrigeration.


SKOPE ReFlex, Flexible, Refrigeration Solutions For Your Hospitality Venue

SKOPE’s ReFlex™ range covers virtually every refrigerated storage need for commercial kitchens.  The range offers premium quality with undeniable value, hallmarks that rarely co-exist.  Made from food grade 304 stainless the whole range runs on natural refrigerants and offers complete control via the SKOPE-connect™ app.

SKOPE ReFlex Preparation Fridges

Give your fresh ingredients the best defence with SKOPE’s ChillGuard™ technology that blows crisp, cool air to every corner of the food well, with unprecedented consistency.  Available in salad and pizza configurations, and from two to four doors, this gastronorm compatible commercial frdige range utilises all the award-winning features of ReFlex™

SKOPE ReFlex Underbench Fridges

Work smarter, not harder, with the compact strength and innovation of a ReFlex™ food storage underbench fridge or freezer.  ReFlex’s 304 stainless steel build and high-performance temperature consistency is matched with the time-saving capabilities of the SKOPE-connect™ app.  The result is complete food safety peace of mind and the freedom to focus on what you do best.


Browse the complete Skope Reflex range

SKOPE Commercial Refrigeration, Solutions for All Areas of Your Hospitality Venue.

IRINOX Blast Chillers and Blast Freezers

Any business that sells or served pre-cooked and cooled food needs a Blast Chiller – to meet food safety standards and ensure food quality is maintained. IRINOX blast chillers are world-leaders and can blast chill and freeze almost any food and preserve it in perfect condition in rapid time.  The advanced chilling technology is smart enough to preserve food in a way offers up to three times longer storage than conventional cooling methods.

Open Deck Display Fridges.

Increase the high margin impulse sales using a SKOPE OD series open deck display fridge by offering quick and easy access to food and drink in your high traffic areas

Commercial Ice Machines.

Offering premium build quality the ITV Ice Machines are tough, reliable and energy efficient.  With a range of undercounter and modular units in various cube sizes and shapes the SKOPE ITV range of commercial ice machines offers solutions for nearly every situation.

Food / Cake Display Fridges

Excellent and unrivalled food hygiene and safety using a constant flow of chilled air and high humidity to keep your food fresher for longer.  The FDM series is a perfect solution to create delicious displays to tempt your customers.

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