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Commercial Kitchen Design

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If you are in WA and are looking for help with the design of your commercial kitchen or food service venue, talk to Arcus Australia today to see how we can help.

Commercial kitchen design and layout

There are a number of different ways you can set out the design of your commercial kitchen based on the type of venue or location you have. For some restaurants, especially those who do functions, an assembly line setup or a layout with a large island in the middle is preferable due to their efficiency when plating lots of meals, whilst some venues opt for a more compact design, which can encourage quicker and smoother processes when doing smaller quantities or purely a la carte.

For other venues that have many different dishes or elements, a zoned layout with different stainless benches and work spaces for prep may work best. It’s important to make sure you lay down your plans first, before you make any big decisions.

It’s always wise to talk to a commercial kitchen expert before you begin your commercial kitchen fitout and a call to Arcus will be the best decision you make.

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What do you charge for design?

It all depends on what type of venue you are looking at and what you are looking at getting from us.  Talk to our team today and they can give you an idea of the costs involved (if any).

Who does the design work?

It’s all carried out in house at Arcus.  You will normally be dealing with a single point of contact and he or she will bring in other experts from within our team if and when required.

Will I still need a shop fitter, interior designer or architect?

Probably.  Our design services are based on the food production and food and beverage areas of your business.  We can’t help you with things like tile choices, soft furnishing or any builders work or design etc.

Commercial kitchen design services for cafes, coffee shops and lunch bars

Thinking of opening a café, coffee shop or small restaurant and don’t know where to start? When it comes to your kitchen and front of house service area, talk to the design experts at Arcus Australia.

Our expert team at Arcus can handle your commercial café kitchen design project from the early stages of design right through to installation, commissioning and training.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a small restaurant kitchen design or a small café kitchen design, Arcus Australia have a team of professionals that can guide you through the whole process. From the layout of your kitchen and service area, through to the type of equipment best suited to your venues needs, we’ll help you get the most out of your space within budget, no matter how large or small.

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What areas can Arcus help me with?

Arcus specialise in the kitchen and food and beverage service areas, therefore we can help design the following functional areas.

  • kitchen equipment and refrigeration.
  • Bar design and beer and beverage systems
  • Cool and freezer rooms.
  • Food displays and service equipment
  • Beer and beverage systems

Commercial kitchen design experts

Designing a commercial kitchen is a complex yet rewarding process. Whether you are opening a restaurant, cafe, bar or designing a bulk food kitchen in Perth, the decision-making process can be a little daunting,  so it’s important to arm yourself with as much information and research as possible.

One of the keys to success in any food service business is a carefully considered kitchen design. A functional commercial kitchen design will assist in making your whole operation run smoothly and efficiently and needs to be incorporated into your planning from the very beginning. A visit to Arcus Australia with your blank building / tenancy template or even your full set of building plans will help ensure things start off on the right foot.

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Our café kitchen design process

At Arcus, we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer a complete service, from start to finish, on commercial café kitchen design projects, with our expert team on hand to help you every step of the way. As a guide, this is how you can expect the process to go:

  • Initial enquiry.
  • Consultation with one of our design team members to lay down the foundation of what you are trying to achieve, discuss experience, menus, type of service, opening hours, capacities and, of course, budget.
  • Our team come up with a design and look at some initial costings.
  • Arcus & client consultation. This is where we take our initial plans, walk you through them and discuss any changes or ideas that you may have.  Discuss the budget and where we are sitting and possibly look at funding or cheaper options if it is not where you were expecting it.
  • Finalise design and move to order or tender stage.
  • Place order with Arcus Australia (hopefully), and start to work with our in-house projects management team.
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Mine site and FIFO kitchen design.

Not all commercial kitchens are created equal, when it comes to mine site camp kitchens there are unique  challenges you face and in Western Australia, few companies have as much experience as Arcus when it comes to fitting out mine site kitchens.

From Jimblebar to Hope Downs, Roy Hill to Gorgon, Yandi and beyond, it’s safe to say there are products supplied by Arcus on a large percentage of WA’s mine sites.

After our initial discussions with the client, we workshop some ideas in house with our commercial kitchen designers, refrigeration engineers and stainless estimators to come up with practical and efficient solution for your situation.

After this initial phase we provide the customer with the design and some budget pricing to ensure they understand where things are siting and if necessary work with them on any refinements that may be necessary.

Once a final plan of action is laid out we can continue to work with the client to carry out the fit out of the kitchen or if they prefer we can produce a full set of tender documents that can be put out to the market to price from.

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What about the wet mess, ice rooms and crib, can Arcus help?

Yes, yes and yes.  Whilst the kitchen is often the central point, the crib, wet mess and ice rooms also fall under our area of expertise.

Work with the experts on the design of you Commercial Kitchen or Food Service Venue.

It’s important that you get a team of experts on your side during the design process of your commercial kitchen fitout, as they will know exactly how and where to place certain vital elements. At Arcus Australia, we have a talented team of commercial kitchen design consultants and experts that are here to help you every step of the way. Work with our refrigeration engineers and stainless-steel specialists to establish what specific equipment and benching will work for your design both practically and aesthetically, and to ensure everything can be installed in the designated spots.

We also have in-house experts with years of experience in commercial kitchen equipment to consult with, this is vital to make sure the layout of your commercial kitchen is 100% best practice and that you are including the equipment that best meets your needs. While the aesthetics of your restaurant kitchen design are important, functionality comes first. That’s why it’s important to ensure that everything will work, and is built to encourage a smooth, well-run commercial kitchen.

Complete your master plan with Arcus Commercial Kitchen Consultants

Once you have settled on a basic layout for your commercial kitchen design and spoken with our team of experts, it’s time to create your final master plan and take action. From our in-house equipment,  refrigeration and stainless-steel experts, right through to our full in-house drafting, manufacturing and installation teams, you can be sure that choosing Arcus puts you in the best position to get the most out of the space you have.

Operating for over 70 years, Arcus have decades of combined experience as commercial kitchen designers and can assist with designing, manufacturing and installing commercial refrigeration and kitchen equipment in kitchens of all shapes and sizes across Perth. We know what works and can advise, supply, install and service any commercial kitchen fitout that is presented to us, providing top-notch customer service and advice along the way.