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Custom stainless steel solutions

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If you’re looking for quality, WA made custom stainless steel solutions for your bar, restaurant, hospital, hotel or other commercial kitchen or food service venue then Arcus should be your first choice.

Benefits of stainless steel benches

Stainless steels are any of a number of alloys containing at least 10.5% Chromium. This creates an inert Chromium Oxide on the surface of the steel, protecting your fittings from rust, pitting, or discolouration, if looked after properly.  There are 4 key reasons why stainless steel is the choice for hospitality fittings:

Cleaning stainless steel benches

Stainless remains smooth and resists ‘foodhold’. Cleaning your new work surfaces is as simple as a hot soapy water and a soft cloth.

Minimal Rust

Rust is the cause of all sorts of complications in food preparation environments, from discolouration and pitting of surfaces to the risk of tetanus from cuts or scrapes. The rust-resistant nature of stainless minimizes these issues, letting you focus on running your high-pressure work environment.

No Imparted Flavours

Some metals impart flavours, rust tastes terrible, and wood can be contaminated. Stainless has no impact on your food, leaving the food to speak for itself.

Long Lifespan

Your custom fittings will be likely to outlive you or your business. Stainless doesn’t decay when wet, or rust in the air. There simply isn’t another product that performs as well for the same level of investment.

Why an Arcus stainless steel solution?

We pride ourselves on three things. We manufacture in W.A., we use locally sourced materials, and we make W.A.’s best custom stainless steel product.

Everything we produce is made in our Malaga factory. Our products are always guaranteed for quality, and your quote is estimated by one of our team with hands-on production experience. That means what we promise, we deliver.

Dealing with Arcus isn’t just about the product. Our service team is one of the most professional, experienced and knowledgeable in Perth. We believe that a great product is about a seamless process from design, manufacture, delivery to final installation.

Looking at stainless steel for your new fit out or renovation? Call Arcus today for the most experienced, professional and innovative custom steel manufacturing team in Western Australia.

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Custom stainless solutions from cafes to camps.

Of the 1000s of custom benches, canopies, shelving units and more we build each and every year, below are just a sample from recent times.

Custom stainless steel solutions

Stainless steel is the go-to solution for most foodservice applications in the restaurant industry, and this is for good reasons. Arcus takes pride in their custom metalwork, all our jobs are built to last, made from the best materials and with skill earnt from years of experience.

Our machinists have over 100 years of combined experience, this makes all the difference if your project is unusual or challenging. All design and manufacturing is completed at our Malaga factory, with delivery and installation overseen by our Arcus project management team to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

If your budget can’t quite get to a custom solution, Arcus is one of Western Australia’s biggest resellers of Simply Stainless modular benching and shelving and whilst it has it’s limitations and disadvantages there are places where modular solutions can work.


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