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Perth’s Commercial Refrigeration Experts

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With over 65 years in commercial refrigeration, there aren’t many companies that come close to having the wealth of experience we do at Arcus. We specialise in the manufacture, supply and installation of all types of commercial refrigerators, freezers, freezer rooms, medical refrigeration, water coolers, supermarket case, butcher’s plates and much more.  Simply put, if you have a commercial business and need to keep things cold, we can help.

Commercial Restaurant & Bar Fridges

When it comes to building a new bar, tavern or restaurant, Arcus are the commercial refrigeration experts.

We can design a system that suits both your needs and your budget.  We provide full back bars, commercial kitchen refrigeration, cool room and freezer room solutions and if you have a bottleshop we can also help with your display cabinets, cool room and drive through.

Our offering ranges from the simple plug-in solution where each piece has its own motor through to the full remote refrigeration system offering long term cost savings, extra redundancy, ease of service and more..

Our experts can work with you to ensure the best layout for your space and to ensure you have all the refrigeration to make food prep, cooking and service as easy as possible.

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Where do you manufacture the Arcus refrigeration product?

All Arcus made products are designed and manufactured in our Malaga factory, about 20 minutes north of Perth.

When should I consider remote refrigeration?

Remote commercial refrigeration is always an option, from one fridge to a whole venue there are always advantages to going remote.  Our experts can take you through your options and help you make an informed decision.

Supermarket and food retail commercial refrigeration

By combining industry leading case brands such as Hussmann, Arneg, Tecnodom and more with our in-house manufacturing and supermarket refrigeration expertise, Arcus can offer the latest in display technology to your deli, butchers, fish mongers, fruit and veg store or supermarket.

Choosing the right product and partner for your store can help you increase profits and reduce costs and we are able to assist you all the way.

Some of the key products we have to offer include;

  • Butchers cold plates
  • Curved glass display cabinets
  • Hot & cold deli and bakery displays
  • Open fronted meat, fish and dairy display chillers and freezers
  • Glass door fronted meat, fish and dairy display chillers and freezers
  • Cool rooms & freezer rooms
  • Stainless steel benching and shelving
  • Cooking and food processing equipment

It doesn’t matter if you are a new store with all new fridge cases or if you are just refurbishing a current store and need a few lengths swapped over or added.  Arcus can work with you to ensure the right product for your situation is selected and installed.

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Custom commercial refrigeration for any situation

Below is a selection of custom refrigeration items across cafes, bars, hospitals, hotels, mine sites and more.  By choosing Arcus commercial refrigeration you are choosing to have the very best solution for your venue or facility.


WA’s first choice for commercial refrigeration

Refrigeration runs in the blood of the Arcus family with both owners having over 150 years of refrigeration experience.

Arcus specialise in the manufacture, supply and installation of all types of commercial refrigerators, cool rooms, freezer rooms, medical refrigeration, water coolers, supermarket case, butcher’s plates and much more.

By combining our ability to design and build custom refrigeration with all the leading brands available in the Australian market, Arcus are able to offer the full spectrum of commercial refrigeration for your business, no matter what you do.

With leading brands such as Skope, Williams, Hussmann, Tecnomac, Skipio, Arcus, ITV, Scotsman, Ice-O-Matic, Follett, Friginox, Irinox and Bromic supporting our own production facility in Malaga, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a standard two-door upright fridge or a custom cold food display for your front of house – we are here to help.

Simply put, with over 70 years of commercial refrigeration experience, there aren’t many companies that come close to having the same expertise as Arcus.

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All the major commercial refrigeration brands.

Supporting our West Australian made Arcus product, we offer all the industry leading refrigeration from brands and all at competitive pricing.

Self contained fridges and freezers

Arcus, Skope, Williams, Bromic, Airex, Skipio and more.

Ice machines

Scotsman, Ice-O-Matic, ITV, Hoshizaki, Bromic, Brema, Follett and more.

Food displays

Arcus, Bromic, Cossiga, Koldtech, Hussmann, Festive and more.

Preparation Fridges

Arcus, Skope, Williams, Bromic and more.


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Refrigeration for the medical industry

It’s not only the food industry we service – we offer a number of solutions for the medical industry. From vaccine refrigerators and mortuary cabinets to incubators and growth fridgesIt’s not only the food service industry we service – we offer a number of solutions for the medical industry. From vaccine refrigerators and mortuary cabinets to incubators and growth fridges.

Vaccine Fridges

Go into almost any WA  hospitals and you’ll likely find a vaccine fridge with the Arcus badge on it.  From our small footprint 230 liter piccolo model (AUD1/PV) to our custom 4 door vaccine fridges (AUD/4V) the Arcus branded fridges are still made here in WA and are listed on the QCPP approved models.  To compliment this range, we also offer models such as the Bromic Vaccine Fridges and the Nuline Vaccine Fridges, all at industry competitive prices.

Mortuary Cabinets

Arcus are by far the leading manufacture of Mortuary Cabinets in WA and have supplied solutions to state and privately funded facilities around Australia.  From single bier self contained units to custom 12 biers or more, Arcus can design, manufacture and install a mortuary solution for your needs.

What is the meaning of Bier?

A bier is the stand upon which a corpse or coffin containing a corpse is placed before burial. The word traces to the German root of the English word “to bear” giving the meaning “to carry.”

Laboratory Cabinets

When it comes to laboratory refrigeration we can help.  From our constant temperature cabinets and incubators to our growth cabinets and drying cabinets, we can work with your technicians to come up with a solution for you when you are looking for specific conditions to meet.



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Refrigeration rack systems and remote refrigeration

Individual compressor systems play an important role in commercial refrigeration and are by far the most used method of cooling individual fridges and freezers.  However, when it comes to multiple fridges, freezers, cool and freezer rooms in a single venue or facility it may be more appropriate to use a remote refrigeration system or a refrigeration rack system.

There are many advantages to using this kind of system and the following a just a few.

Capacity control. Since the whole rack of compressors provides the required capacity for the connected refrigerated rooms, as the total load reduces, (for example in the middle of the night) individual compressors can be cycled on and off to match the needed capacity thus creating significant energy savings in the region of 30%

Redundancy. In a rack-based system with redundancy built in, if one compressor fails, the other compressors can normally carry the load. This gives you much needed time to get a technician to site and have repairs made without any downtime.

Running costs.  The biggest electrical load on any fridge is when the refrigeration system kicks in.  If you have a larger venue or facility with multiple fridges, having those units switch on and off, day in day out can be an enormous strain on your electricity bill.




On a multiple compressor rack with a variable speed lead compressor, the requirements to switch on, switch off are greatly reduced, thus offering huge savings on power.

Typically, a rack style system will be sized at around 80% of the systems full load because other than at initial turn on it is extremely rare for all the connected items to need full power at the same time.

Servicing. When it comes to servicing commercial refrigeration, on a larger venue or facility a remote rack system makes even more sense.  With all the major moving parts located externally or in a plant room, 90% of the technicians work is carried out away from your kitchen, bar, staff and customers.

Heat rejection and cleaning. Remote refrigeration is always away from the heat and grease sources often found in commercial kitchens and bars, this greatly reduces the required maintenance and enables the system to run more efficiently thus saving more money.

In the case of a fridge with an integral refrigeration system, this could be sucking in dirty, greasy air within a kitchen and blowing out hot air into a room that now needs extra refrigeration load to cool the room.  A remote system solves both these problems, your heat rejection is away from your working areas (saves power on air con) and your system is cleaner and therefore more efficient.