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Arcus Beer & Beverage Systems

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Arcus are the only kitchen contractor in Perth who offer full beer and beverage systems as part of their works with all design and installation works completed in house with our own team.

Beer and beverage services from a name you already trust!

Our aim at Arcus has always been to offer excellent products, excellent service and to be that one stop solution for your hospitality business. By adding beer and beverage services to our comprehensive portfolio we have taken the next step towards that goal.

After lengthy discussions with Lancer on how we could work more closely together in our market and bring together our two areas of expertise, the solution was simple, bring their WA operation into our business and become Lancers only platinum partner in the WA market.

As with our commercial refrigeration and commercial kitchen equipment offering we now offer full design, manufacture, installation and service solutions for your beer and beverage needs.

From the keg room to the drip tray we cover everything from beer going in to beer coming out and are on hand to give you expert advice and outstanding service.

When do I need to start thinking about my beer system.

As early as possible.  Part of your system (the beer python) generally runs underground in new venues so we need your builder to put services in place before they pour your slab, leave it too late and you’ll be cutting the concrete of trying to find a way through the roof and down to your bar.

What brand of equipment do Arcus support?

As the only platinum partner of Lancer in WA they over our preferred selection of equipment, but the good thing about dealing with Arcus is that we are not tied in exclusively to any brand.  We can pick and choose what components best fit your situation from any supplier in Australia or even the world.

Maintaining a beer system

Arcus are well known for service and maintenance on commercial refrigeration and now we can help with your beer and beverages systems as well.

Beer is a food product and as such needs to be treated with the same attention as your kitchen and food preparation areas. The Arcus philosophy is that you should never have a “dirty” beer system, and the only way to achieve this is to regularly clean it.

Regular maintenance of your beer system will ensure that it never becomes “dirty”.  Cleaning not only involves the lines but the taps, founts and keg kouplers as well. Everyone has a part in keeping your beer system “food safe” and Arcus are more than happy to advise and train you and your staff on beverage best practice.

The team at Arcus are also available to carry out routine maintenance on your beer or beverage systems, from the tap points in the bar, through the system and back to the keg coupling and with our refrigeration expertise we can go beyond that and maintain the keg room that your system sits in as well.

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Do I really need to do anything other than clean my lines?

Yes. A beer system creates an integral revenue stream for any pub and as such needs to be fine tuned at times to offer peak performance. Think of a 6 monthly service as being like a 10,000klm service on your car – to get better performance and less downtime looking after your biggest money earner makes perfect business sense.

Beer wasted = money lost

How often should I be carrying out this regular maintenance?

Every 6 Months would be ideal. But let’s get real, it’s probably not going to happen so let’s aim for once a year. When – BEFORE SUMMER…. Not in January when you should be making money. October / November is a great time to get your system overhauled while you’re at it get your refrigeration serviced too. Blocked evaporators and refrigeration systems that are low on gas don’t fall over until “The first hot day in summer” and if it happens to you then – well get in line with the hundreds of other venues that have left it too late…

How often should I be cleaning my beer lines?

Fortnightly is perfect for a fully recirculated glycol system. If you have an undercounter system then we advise weekly. Arcus are happy to attend your venue and advise and train on Beer System “Best Practice”.

Always remember Beer is a Food Product and needs to be treated with the respect your customers deserve.

Meet our beer system expert, Paul Newing

I started picking up glasses at the Brass Monkey Hotel in 1991. When heaving mighty racks of Redback glasses above your head gave you status and beers with big heads and weird shaped glasses were new in our market.

When promoted to Cellarman I was taught by the great man Jamie Cook the importance of beer hygiene and correct maintenance of a draught beer system. In those days we traded out every night. The Brass Monkey had 330 liters of beer in its lines. Can you imagine that today?

I lugged kegs into the cellar by hand and tapped real ales on the bar with a brass tap and wooden mallet. Craft was emerging at a time when the only difference in beers at most pubs was the size of the vessel you drank out of.

From the Brass Monkey my journey took me to Matilda Bay then to Carlton United Breweries where 17 years as a service technician fine tuned my skills.  From here came 5 years running Lancer in WA culminating in the highlight of my carear so far in being selected as the man to design, install, and service the Draught Beer System at Perth’s Optus Stadium.

The market is full of companies who will tell you that they are the “Best” or “Only” place you should be getting your beer system from and I’m calling bull on this, everyone has their point of difference and their “unique” offering.

If you are interested in talking to someone who has worked every level of the hospitality industry, knows how bars work and how they don’t, then give Arcus a ring. After that, look at all your options and make an educated decision based on all the information you have gathered and not just from the guy who says he’s the best.

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Beer Dispensing

Every beer you serve is important and a good night can often hinge on having the perfect pour, jug after schooner after mini after pint.

At Arcus, we design your system based on your unique circumstances but always with the intention of giving you expert advice, the best system for your venue and the support to allow you operate without worrying if you’ve made the right decision.

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When you say the best system, do you mean the most expensive?

No, apples for apples, our prices are always competitive, but we don’t cut corners by using inferior components or even secondhand equipment just to get our price cheaper than others.

When you get a quote no matter who it is from ensure you read the exclusions and inclusions sections. Make sure you know what you are getting.

To make prices look cheaper, some companies can dress their quotes to make it look like you are ordering a Porsche but when all is said and done your missing the wheels.

To Pump or not to Pump?

Blended Gasses have never been the “brewers’ choice” for the perfect pint of most beers on tap – Stouts excluded… and the introduction of beer pumps has gone a long way to returning the “perfect pint” back to every punter’s lips. So in our opinion, Pump.

What is the purpose of a beer pump, and should l use them?

The beer pump does exactly what it says, it moves beer from the keg to the beer tap, but instead of using gas to do it, it uses mechanical force.  Beer pumps allow kegs to be dispensed from the keg room with 100% Co2. This improves the quality of your product while decreasing your running costs.

By using compressed air to power the beer pumps you will be able to achieve 70 – 80 kegs to a bottle of CO2, as opposed to 15-18 kegs from a traditional gas driven dispense system.

Beer pumps equate to more beer dispensed from less bottles = less gas needed on site decreasing bottle rental and gas consumption…. Another benefit is Decreasing your carbon footprint as well.

Beer Pumps may not suit every application and will always be presented as an option. The choice is yours.

CO2 monitors and the dangers of ignoring it

Amongst other import things, CO2 puts the bubbles in your beer .  Exposure to CO2 can produce a plethora of health issues. These may include headaches, dizziness, restlessness, a tingling or pins or needles feeling, difficulty breathing, sweating, tiredness, increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure and in extreme cases comas, asphyxia, and convulsions.

Australian Standard AS5034 was introduced in 2005 and this covers the installation and use of inert gases for beverage dispensing.

As standard, Arcus price a CO2 monitoring system with every beer system we quote.

The choice is yours whether you want one or not, but at Arcus we put our people first and recommend that all of our clients do as well.

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