Are you renovating your commercial kitchen, or in the planning stage of designing a new one for your venue or facility? Designing the ideal commercial kitchen is a big task, and requires careful research and decision-making to ensure both the functionality and aesthetics are ideal. The kitchen is the heart of any venue – whether it’s a restaurant, cafe, pub, or corporate function space – it’s where all the action happens and the spot that most of your staff will pass through.

When choosing appliances and catering equipment, it’s important to think about what will be the most efficient and suitable for your commercial kitchen and when it comes to commercial refrigeration in Perth kitchens, there are a number of options to consider.

Smaller cafes might prefer a simple, standalone (referred to as integral in the industry) commercial fridge in their kitchen layout along with a simple drinks fridge, food display fridge or a cake display front of house. Larger premises may require a series of fridges in their kitchen along with a coolroom and freezer room, whilst still requiring front of house drink fridges and food fridges. The combinations are endless so consulting with an industry leading commercial refrigeration expert such as Arcus is a worthwhile exercise.

Remote refrigeration allows venues to connect one or a number of appliances to the same external motor or refrigeration rack system (a series of motors multiplexed together) positioned away from the working hub of your venue. Whilst these systems can sometimes mean a slightly higher initial cost outlay, both the short and long terms benefits will be significant, particularly for those running commercial kitchens and refrigeration in the Perth area.

No matter the size of your venue, remote refrigeration is something you should seriously consider. Remote refrigeration allows the motor(s) of the refrigerator(s) to be located outside of your working areas, thus removing the heat and noise generated by the refrigeration process away from your staff and customers. This means a more comfortable atmosphere for those working close to appliances in the kitchen, and for front of house it means a better atmosphere for customers nearby.

The second and probably the most important reason for remotely refrigerating your cabinets is maintenance. If you choose to go with remote refrigeration, you will have to deal with less maintenance in the long term – as the engine won’t have to compete with dirt, grease and other substances that fill a commercial kitchen every day. This equates to less money spent on maintenance and breakdowns, as well as less daily or weekly cleaning for staff members.

No matter what type of venue you are looking to deck out with commercial refrigeration, it’s a great idea to get the experts involved. Arcus have over 65 years’ experience in commercial refrigeration design and installation and over 20 years’ in kitchen design and installation and are dedicated to helping venue owners and managers create the perfect kitchen setup for their needs. Arcus can provide product and design advice on any size venue all backed up by our in house manufacturing, installation and service departments.
So whatever your commercial refrigeration or commercial kitchen needs are, call the team at Arcus today to find out what might work best for your kitchen!