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24/7 breakdown service and programmed maintenance solutions from one of Perth's best Commercial Refrigeration Service companies!

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Arcus Refrigeration Service are on call and ready to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making us one of the most flexible commercial refrigeration service teams in Perth and the surrounding areas. Click here to contact us now.

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If you have commercial refrigeration in your business, it’s probably fair to say it plays an important role.  It’s also fair to say when something breaks down it could have serious consequences to your business if it’s not repaired quickly.

Whether it’s a commercial freezer, commercial fridge, cool room or freezer room, vaccine fridge, ice machine, water cooler or any item of commercial refrigeration, our highly trained team are always available to assess any faults you have and carry out repairs quickly and efficiently.

All our vans are heavily stocked with reliable equipment and common parts, which often means that just one call out gets the job done.

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If your commercial fridge or commercial freezer, your cool room or other commercial refrigeration appliance isn’t working look no further than Arcus Refrigeration Service for fast, effective repairs.

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What can I do to help maintain my fridge or freezer?

Clean it is the simplest of answers.  Making sure things like the door seals are kept clean and flexible, free from grease and particles of food will help maintain a good seal and keep the cold in and the heat out.

Should I clean the air intake on my fridge or leave it to a professional?

If you are having regular maintenance done on your refrigeration this should be included in the work.  If not, you can gently clean the condenser with a soft brush, making sure to vacuum up any dust or dirt that comes off.

My fridge has cold and warm spots, what can I do?

A good fridge will maintain a relatively consistent temperature throughout, but you have to help it along.  Most commercial fridges or freezers will use fans  to circulate the cold air around, if you pack the fridge or freezer so tight that the air can not move, you may find you have inconsistent temperatures inside your unit.

How quickly can you get out to me?

All our service vans are satellite tracked making it easier to assign the nearest service tech to you.

Prevention is better than cure!

Like your car, the equipment you rely on to run your business needs to be looked after or it will breakdown. Commercial fridges and commercial freezers need regular servicing to keep them in a good and efficient working order and without it, you could be faced with costly repair, loss of expensive stock, or worse loss of customer, so you need to ask yourself;

Is the risk really worthwhile?

It’s not just about preventing expensive and unwanted costs. Regular maintenance of your equipment will help it operate more efficiently meaning lower running costs, whereas unmaintained equipment will be inefficient, will cost more to run and be more prone to expensive failures.

Organising a Programed Maintenance Agreement (PMA) with a qualified service company like Arcus Refrigeration Service should be high on your to do list and with over 70 years experience in WA, the Arcus Refrigeration Service Division are more experienced than most and offer competitive rates along with quick, professional and efficient service.

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Want more information on a PMA

How often should I have my equipment serviced?

This all depends on the type of system you have and the environment the equipment is working in.  Our service manager will set out a plan suited to your venue / situation and it could be anything from quarterly to yearly.

How much does a PMA cost with Arcus Refrigeration Service?

This all depends on what work is being carried out.  We offer a competitive rates for all our servicing and charge in 15 minute increments, so if we are only there for 30 minutes, you don’t pay for the hour.

Commercial refrigeration experts!

  • Are you enduring problems with your commercial fridge or commercial freezer?
  • Are your power bills getting bigger and bigger every month?
  • Has it been a while since you had your commercial fridges and commercial freezers given the once over?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, it is probably time to have a qualified refrigeration technician visit your premises.  Arcus Refrigeration Service cover the full expanse of Perth and the surrounding areas and are available for emergency repairs or general and technical maintenance.

It doesn’t matter if you are a restaurant, hospital, aged care home, bulk food storage facility, supermarket, bottle shop, deli, education facility or office building, the team at Arcus Refrigeration Service  are on call maintain or fix all of your commercial refrigeration.

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Perfect pint after pint after pint!

Arcus are well known for service and maintenance on commercial refrigeration and now we can help with your beer and beverages systems as well.

Think of your beer and beverage system as the heart of your venue and like your own heart, if you fail to look after it and keep it in good shape, it will stop pumping, and we all know what happens then.

The team at Arcus are available to carry out routine maintenance on your beer or beverage systems, from the tap points in the bar, through the system and back to the keg coupling and with our refrigeration expertise we can go beyond that and maintain the keg room that your system sits in as well.

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I've heard that beer pumps are more efficient, do you do upgrades?

Yes, we can install beer pumps to most systems and yes they do improve efficiency, especially in the amount of gas used to move you beer from keg to tap.  Call us today and we can discuss these upgrades with you.

Arcus didn't install my beer system and it's not Lancer equipment, will you still service it?

Of course, we don’t punish customers for their misguided decisions from the past. 😉 .  The main thing is that you are in the right place now.

I don't have access to my chiller plates, do they need cleaning?

Unfortunately some companies install their chiller plates behind the tapping board as they can hide more of their work.  This might look good from the outside but it makes it incredibly hard to clean, service and maintain.