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Hussmann Vertical Display Case


Utilising a technically advanced multi-channel & multi-velocity air curtain to isolate the merchandise from the ambient store temperature, the Multijet range offer greatly reduced energy consumption compared to traditional open-faced multideck cases. This Multijet design extends Shelf-life by ensuring product temperatures are at their optimum while also greatly reducing the amount of cold air entering the aisle…

“Warmer Aisles  = Happier Customers”.


  • Constructed from powder coated galvanised steel in a range of colours
  • Multijet dual air curtain design for longer merchandise shelf life
  • Night blinds and Rubber bumpers included
  • 5 x levels of display including four 450/500/550mm shelves with ticket strip price holders & wire fencing, adjustable to suit various merchandising options
  • 6 x levels of display including five flat shelves for Dairy models
  • Adjustable wire base tray for Bakery, Produce & Meat models
  • Mirror kit above product for Bakery, Produce & Meat models
  • 4000K LED lighting for Bakery & Dairy models
  • 3000K LED lighting for Produce & Meat models
  • Undershelf lighting is standard for Bakery & Meat models
  • Digital display, with Alarm, and EC fan motors for low TEC
  • Designed for modular configurations, with Mirrored, Glass or Solid ends
  • Unlimited max. lengths, 895/995/1095mm Deep and 2020/2180 Tall