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Merrychef Advanced High Speed Cook Oven


Since developing their first high-speed ovens in 1950, Merrychef have become a mainstay in the food service industry world-wide. Using Accelerated Cooking Technology, Merrychef Ovens are able to cook up to 20 times faster than a conventional oven. Sophisticated, versatile, and most importantly simple; the Merrychef line will ensure you produce a high quality product in the shortest possible time.


  • Cooks up to 5 times faster than a standard convection oven using Accelerated Cooking Technology
  • Accelerated Cooking Technology utilises three forms of heating: impingement, microwave and convection heat
  • easyTouch® panel with capability of storing up to 1,024 multi-stage programs
  • Oven will take up to a 2/3 Gastronorm Tray
  • High energy efficiency: 0.7kWh in standby mode
  • Built-in catalytic converter, requires no vent
  • May store up to 1,024 multi-stage programs
  • Will cook at temperatures ranging between 100C – 275C with high precision
  • USB input for simple updating and data transfers
  • Self-monitoring capability
  • Soft edge design with cool to touch door exterior
  • Two rack positions
  • Dimensions: 711W x 643D x 644H

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