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Arcus 1 Door 230 Litre Vaccine Fridge


The Arcus range of Vaccine Fridges are WA made and were developed exclusively for the storage of vaccines and other pharmaceutical products. Vaccines are a delicate biological substance and can become less effective or even destroyed if frozen or allowed to get too hot. Because of this, an Arcus Vaccine Fridge is designed to comply with the Australian governments recommendation of “Strive for 5” by maintaining a temperature of 5oC with a +/- tolerance of only 2oC.


  • Also available as a full size 1 door, 2 door, 3 door or custom vaccine fridge
  • External digital temperature display with min/max memory for continuous monitoring.
  • Forced air cooling for optimum temperature stability and rapid recovery after door opening.
  • +3 C to +7 C at 40 C ambient temperatures
  • Local audio/visual alarm signal on temperature deviation with remote alarm terminals.
  • Maintains internal air temperature at 5 C (+/-2 degrees).
  • Vaccine Fridges are finished in a white epoxy paint and can be manufactured in stainless steel if required.
  • Every unit is subjected to a 24 hour performance test before leaving the manufacturing plant.
  • Fully automatic defrosting.
  • CFC free.
  • Lockable front castors.
  • Zero Ozone Depletion R134a refrigerant
  • Lockable door for security.
  • AUD/1PV – 220 Litres, 565x570x1540mm, 5 shelves
  • AUD/1SV – 400 Litres, 700x625x1820mm, 5 shelves
  • AUD/1V – 560 Litres, 740x810x2070mm, 5 shelves
  • AUD/2V – 980 Litres, 1200x810x2025mm, 5 shelves
  • AUD/3V – 1515 Litres, 1800x810x2070mm, 5 shelves

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