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Scotsman 630kg/24hr Cube Ice Head


Scotsman were one of the first in the field to R&D a range of reliable and affordable ice makers and have been doing so since the 1950's. Scotsman remains the world’s largest ice machine manufacturer and supply their quality machines to over 100 countries worldwide.  From restaurants, bars or hotels, to labs, hospitals and food processing facilities, Scotsman Ice Machines serve an important role in catering to the needs of different industries by combining reliability, efficiency, ease of maintenance and affordability in their innovative and reliable ice making systems.


  • Up to 630kg daily production (at rated conditions)
  • Available as a full or half dice unit
  • Suitable storage bins are NB530 (243kg) and NB948 (409kg) all sold separately
  • Air cooled
  • Hydrocarbon R290 refrigerant gas
  • Vertical evaporator spray-system technology
  • Top air discharge – suitable for narrow space installation
  • Agion Technology resists the growth of microbes and the development of unpleasant odours
  • Auto-alert indicator lights to show operation status and maintenance
  • One touch cleaning for time and labour saving
  • Front evaporator access for easy servicing
  • Includes air filter, water and drain hose
  • Inset image shows unit on a bin.
  • Xsafe natural sanitation system

Specifications Sheet