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Arcus Cold Food Display


Built in WA, the Arcus ACFD Cold Food Display is ideal for displaying and serving a selection of cold food.

With blown air over the product as well as circulating below, the ACFD will keep your food cold and in great condition for the duration of your service.

Solidly constructed from stainless steel the ACFD is easy to clean and maintain and with its large built in condensate system there is no need to plumb the unit to waste, empty a water bucket or continually mop the floor around the unit.

  • Standard sizes are 5 tray, 6 tray, 8 tray & 10 tray
  • Includes a complete set of 65mm deep GN pans
  • 10mm flat safety glass sneeze guard doubles as a convenient shelf for containers, breads etc.
  • Internal panels are hinged so you can get in and clean. No loose and rattling panels to remove and forget how to put back.
  • Energy efficient LED lighting above full length of product.
  • Castors are easily accessible at the end and therefore easy to lock into position.
  • Designed to maintain temperature between +2o and +4oC.
  • Optional collapsible tray race makes it easier to ship, store and clean.
  • Easily removed side panels make servicing quick and easy.
  • Large volume internal condensate evaporation system so no need to worry about emptying a bucket, plumbing it to waste or water spilling over the floor.


  • Cools GN trays from below and blows air across food
  • Comes in standard 5, 6, 7, 8 & 10 x 1/1GN Tray sizes, but custom models are available.
  • Large condensate system means you never have to empty pans of water and the risk of
  • condensate spillage onto the floor is nil.
  • Easy to clean with hinged panels giving you easy access to space under the food pots.
  • Works in up to 38 ambient temperature
  • Includes full set of 65mm deep 1/1 GN pans.
  • Grey timber finish to 4 sides, but can be customised to suit your requirements
  • Includes laminated glass sneeze guards and recessed LED lighting to allow a optimal view
  • of food.
  • Drop down tray races allow for easy storage and transportation.

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