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Cossiga Linier Series Heated Bain Marie


Manufactured from stainless steel, Cossiga's innovative food display cabinets reflect the very latest in modular design and performance technology. You will find their heated, refrigerated and ambient food display cabinets in the best espresso bars, high street caf‚s, coffee shops, bakeries, industrial cafeterias, convenience stores or wherever quality food presentation and food safety are paramount. It's not surprising to hear their cabinets are considered 'the best value cabinets when taking into consideration the style / functionality / reliability / price / service ratio'.


  • Auto Fill
  • Wet element
  • Overhead halogen heating
  • Full size pans 65mm deep included (excluding lids)
  • Gantry supplied as a separate component to be fitted on site
  • Curved, double curved or full curved sneezeguard
  • Available in 3, 4 and 6 1/1 GN

Specifications Sheet