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Luus Single Burner Waterless Wok


The cornerstone of every Asian kitchen, Luus woks are designed to withstand the Pressure of heavy usage associated with Asian-style cooking. With ongoing focus on the state of the environment, the new Waterless Wok range uses 90% less water. This not only assists in the conservation of our water supplies, but can also save users thousands of dollars in water bills.


  • Chimney Burners are powered by 24 jets at 110mj/hr (120mj/hr LPG)
  • Flame Failure & Pilot standard with Chimney, Duckbill and Ring Burners
  • Heavy duty, cast-iron enamelled rings with double-flanged seal ensuring a completely watertight unit
  • Rear flue system that allows majority of excess combustion to escape through rear splashback and away from user
  • Water-cooled shelf to prevent condiments from drying out; and complete top to bottom water cooling system ensuring unit longevity
  • Front gutter design for easier cleaning and maintenance
  • 25mm thick insulation panel protects user and wok controls from heat
  • Sturdy steel frame construction for longer lasting durability
  • Modular design to suit multiple units of woks for a uniform kitchen
  • Height adjustable fee
  • 600x850x1300mm
  • 120mj/hr
  • Optional Extras:
  • Side shields
  • Clip on shelves
  • Dual Ring Burners – 54mj/hr (56mj/hr LPG)
  • Duckbill Burners – 18 jets at 99mj/hr (87mj/hr LPG)
  • Flame Failure & Pilot for open burners (WF-2C2B only)
  • Joining strips and caps for multiple units
  • Noodle Bar Kit ? for noodle takeaway set ups
  • Available in Natural Gas and LPG

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