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Luus Duck Oven


The Luus Duck Oven is heavy duty, easy to use, and suitable for roasting duck, pork, and other meats. With an 83mj/hr burner and generous internal chamber, this unit allows chefs to roast up to 12 ducks at one time, maximising efficiency and making it a must for larger Asian-style restaurants.


  • Powerful 85mj/hr burner with Flame Failure and Pilot as standard
  • Over temperature safety cut-off
  • 12 duck roasting capacity
  • Hanging rail allows excess fat to drip to drainage area
  • Oil release and overflow valves
  • 3 piece design for easy installation, cleaning and maintenance
  • Easy lift-off lid for access to hang rail
  • Temperature gauge
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Heavy duty construction
  • 810x810x1500mm
  • 85mj/hr

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