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Winterhalter Small Undercounter Dishwasher with Integrated RO

MODEL NUMBER: UC-S Excellence i

Another Winterhalter best seller, the UC-S Excellence I undercounter dishwasher is designed to meet the highest of standards, Winterhalter has engineered a range of new reverse osmosis devices to guarantee brilliant wash results without the needs to polish


  • Included as standard with this model is Winterhalter’s built-in Reverse Osmosis which delivers the highest standard of water quality for sparkling glasses and shining cutlery without any need to polish.
  • Takes 400×400 racks or 14×17 with rack adaptor
  • Perfectly adaptable, offering four variants to suit dish, glass, cutlery and bistro washing.
  • VarioPower regulates water pressure precisely depending on the type of wash items and how dirty they are.
  • Features Winterhalter’s innovative quadruple filtration system with clouding sensor, reducing water consumption by up to 25%
  • Single button, smart touch display with language neutral, self-explanatory pictograms makes operation easier.
  • Connected Wash is standard and allows the machine to be networked to a computer or mobile device allowing the analysis and evaluation of important operation data to optimize the entire washing process.
  • Drain Pump, Chemical Pumps and Rinse Booster Pump supplied as standard.
  • Six wash programs including Basic clean, Soaking and Intensive for heavily soiled dishes along with a Short cycle for when time is limited and additional Economical and a Silence program -which can be ideal in the counter area.
  • Double skinned, stainless steel housing.
  • Supplied with 4 row glass rack

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