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Winterhalter Medium Size Undercounter Dishwasherwith Integrated RO

MODEL NUMBER: UC-M Excellence i

Winterhalters best selling undercounter dishwasher. The UC-M Excellence I offers polish free results.  The included filtration system offers other benefits, including extended service life of machine; optimum use of detergents and rinse aid reduces consumption and produces better wash results; limescale deposits are eliminated.


  • Included as standard with this model is Winterhalter’s fully integrated Reverse Osmosis which delivers the highest standard of water quality for sparkling glasses and shining cutlery without any need to polish.
  • Takes 500×500 racks or 14×17 with rack adaptor
  • 4 Different variants for glass, dish, cutlery and bistro washing with up to 3 standard programs and numerous equipment options for each variant.
  • The Smart Touch display features a robust glass surface which has been tested under extreme conditions.
  • The optimized wash field reduces water consumption by up to 25% and with reductions to electricity and chemical use you are guaranteed first class wash results with minimal operating costs.
  • Depending on the selected program, VarioPower regulates the variable water pressure to ensure that washing parameters are met for all dish types.
  • Integrated chemical dosing with storage tanks for rinse aid and detergent.
  • Features Winterhalter’s innovative quadruple filtration system with clouding sensor, reducing water consumption by up to 25%
  • Connected wash for free web application access.
  • Drain Pump, Chemical Pumps and Rinse Booster Pump supplied as standard.
  • Double skinned, stainless steel housing.
  • Supplied with 5 row glass rack or plate and flat rack.

Specification Sheet