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Winterhalter Extra Large Utensil Washer


Touch screen, fold-back door, rack dolly and swing rack are just some of the features making the UF Series easy to use and especially ergonomic


  • Clear entry height of 800mm. Interior Rack Dimensions:  1305mm (w) x 672mm (d).
  • Built from high-quality stainless steel the reliable, robust and extremely durable UF-XL handles your large and bulky wash items with ease and guarantees the highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Even with extremely heavy and stubborn soiling, the UF-XL’s high-performance washing system delivers up to 1 bar of water pressure perfectly designed for the professional washing of utensils.
  • Double-skinned and fully insulated for quieter operation with less heat loss.
  • Fourfold wash water filtration means cleaner wash water providing better wash results.
  • The Tank water exchange program allows for up to 100% of the dirty water in the wash tank to be replaced if it becomes very cloudy and when filtration alone is not effective.
  • Self-cleaning program.
  • Using less energy yet always ready for operation, stand-by mode switches on automatically during wash breaks.
  • The Rinse Aid Dosing device delivers perfect rinsing and drying results without streaking.
  • Includes three washing programs for light, normal and heavy soiling.

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