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Winterhalter Large Utensil Washer


Perfect wash results even with extremely heavy and stubborn soiling is achieved with these perfectly designed, high-performance utensil washers from Winterhalter


  • Additional entry height makes it ideally suited for washing large-format baking trays.
  • Wash chamber clearance height 800mm
  • Colour coded touch screen with single button control.
  • Quadruple wash water filtration with clouding sensor.
  • Active Energy Management
  • Variable water pressure regulation allows precise adjustment to deliver the correct amount of pressure depending on dish type and amount of soiling.
  • Self-cleaning program.
  • Includes three washing programs for light, normal and heavy soiling.
  • Supplied with 612 x 672 stainless steel rack.
  • The Rinse Aid Dosing device delivers perfect rinsing and drying results without streaking.
  • Optional fold-back door.

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