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Washtech Pass Through Pot / Utensil Washer with Heat Recovery System


The Washtech PW3C is an excellent example of a passthrough commercial Pot Washer.  Designed to wash and steralise bins, crates,bowls, pots, pans trays and other oversized kitchen utensils all whilst using less labour, less energy and less water.

The PW3C includes the latest Heat Condensing Unit from Washtech, which allows this Pot Washer to offer optimal cost savings and a minimal environmental impact.  Get more information on this industry leading brand by viewing our Washtech brand page


  • Efficient Pass Through desgin.
  • Flexible 2, 4 and 6 minute cycles
  • Large internal wash chamber
  • Two powerful wash pumps that recirculate 1600 litres per minute
  • Fast recovery between cycles thanks to the Heat Recovery System
  • Counter sprung hood means easy access
  • Easy installation

Specifications Sheet