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Winterhalter Extra Large Passthrough Dishwasher with Heat Recovery


Washing efficiency, low water consumption, minimal chemical consumption and highly effective energy use means the PT-XL Energy has the cost-effective solution for your heavy duty  wash requirements


  • All of the features of the PT-XL with the addition of the innovative EnergyPlus exhaust air heat recovery system as standard, delivering cost savings of up to 15% per wash cycle.
  • The wide body allows for more space to accommodate wide wash items and more height allows for greater range and flexibility for bulky items.
  • Double-skinned stainless steel construction minimizes heat loss and reduces noise
  • Washing program is started by closing the hood or install the optional Automatic Hood to allow for automatic start and end wash cycle achieved by the simple press of a button
  • Powerful warewashing system featuring Quadruple filtration guarantees first class wash results with certified cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Two internal S-shaped wash fields provides flow optimization and the special nozzle design ensures the water is distributed evenly resulting in first class wash results.
  • Chemical Pumps, Drain Pump and Rinse Booster Pump included
  • Smart touch display with simple single button operation
  • Can be set-up in either a continuous straight line or in a corner to provide flexible installation options.
  • Washing pressure can be precisely adjusted to suit a variety of cleaning demands.
  • Active energy management
  • Energy cost savings of up to 10% as the EnergyLight waste water heat recovery system uses energy from the waste water to heat the cold inlet water.
  • Timer for automatic start-up and close down
  • Australian Certification with no condenser hood required

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