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Washtech Rack Conveyor Dishwasher with Heat Recovery Hood


The C-Type rack conveyors are a comprehensive modular range of rack conveyors that offer economical operation along with easy cleaning, easy service and excellent results. The CDe range adds the excellent qualities of the Washtech Heat Condensing Unit giving it the added benefit of being SEED certified for installation without a canopy.  Get more information on this industry leading brand by viewing our Washtech brand page


  • 4 stage rack conveyor
  • Washes up to 240 racks per hour
  • Triple final rinse
  • utostart reduces operating costs by activating pumps and drive on loading of rack and shuts both down after racks exit the dishwasher
  • EcoRinse system which reduces water consumption to a low 120 litres per hour
  • Rinse economiser
  • Powerful wash via removable upper and lower stainless steel wash arms
  • Automatic tank fill and run-dry protection
  • Low temperature deactivation to ensure hygiene and regulatory compliance
  • Safety stop switches to all doors
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Modular ranges options

Specifications Sheet