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Friginox 4 Tray Reach In Blast Chiller Freezer


Friginox I-Chilling blast chillers / freezers are the only ones in the world to use a cooling air temperature automatically adapted to the product to be cooled, so whatever the product, the new Friginox blast chillers / freezers automatically select the temperature most appropriate for the product characteristics out of more than 40 different temperatures.


  • 4 x 1/1 GN tray capacity
  • 74mm rack spacing
  • Air cooled condensing unit
  • 20kg blast chilling capacity per cycle 10kg blast freezing capacity per cycle I-Chilling electronic control with self-adapting intelligent chilling
  • Programmable ? 25 cycles with adjustable parameters
  • Multi-point Frigiprobe
  • Optic fibre light probe for fan stoppage on door opening
  • Communication board
  • Magnetic door seal

Specifications Sheet