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Noaw 350mm Fully Automatic Slicer


The fully automatic gravity feed belt driven slicer takes the hard work out of slicing. It is fast, clean, precise and very easy to operate and features two independent motors, one for blade rotation and the other for carriage movement. The intuitive touch control panel allows for the selection of the number of cuts required as well as multiple options for the blade speed, carriage speed and the length of the carriage movement allowing you total control over the quality of your cuts with efficient operation. The machine can also be used in manual mode if required.


  • Fully automatic or manual operation
  • Intuitive control panel providing variable blade speed, carriage speed and carriage length
  • Pre-selection of slice quantity desired
  • Belt driven operation
  • Designed and made in Italy
  • Ideal for large restaurants, supermarkets, deli’s and butchers, where high volume slicing required
  • 2 year warranty covering parts and labour
  • Blade Diameter 350 mm
  • Height of Cut 260 mm
  • Length of Cut 330 mm
  • Slice Thickness 0 – 14 mm
  • Blade Speed 210 – 280 RPM
  • Angle of Feed 52?
  • Motor Power 570 Watts

Specifications Sheet