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Arcus Water Cooler with GalvinClear® Lead Safe Tapware


This range of exclusive water coolers is designed and manufactured to give you peace of mind when it comes to lead safe drinking water. By combining the standard 18, 34 and 54 series (which already provides exceptional results when tested for lead and other metals) with the GalvinClear® Lead Safe™ Tapware and their automatic purging technology, this range goes above and beyond for those venues looking for a certified lead safe solution. GalvinClear® Lead Safe™ Tapware To provide enhanced water quality for the end-user, GalvinClear® Lead Safe™ has been designed and engineered to provide safer water delivery by utilising specialist materials such as Stainless Steel or Plastic that are free of lead, along with DZR brass that is low in Lead. Key features of the GalvinClear® Lead Safe™ Tap Ware. Hygiene purge is factory set for every 12 hours to remove any stagnant water. This will reduce the number of metals that may leach into the water from the plumbing system and assist in minimising the growth of bacteria such as Legionella that can be created by long periods of no use such as weekends and holidays. Available on the STW 18, STW34 and STW54 range.


  • Lead free 316 stainless steel makes it the safest and most robust tap for use in schools and public areas.
  • The electronic vandal resistant piezo tap requires no manual pressure to operate which makes it ideal for small children or people with hand impairments.
  • Free standing unit
  • Designed to deliver 18, 34 or 54 litres of cold water per hour in rated conditions
  • Small internal storage with fast recovery make them ideal for all day use
  • Come as standard with a GalvinClear Lead Safe Bubbler and Jug Filler
  • 1.9 (STW18) or 2.9 (STW34 & STW54) litre fully insulated copper storage tank.
  • Unique heat exchange system that uses the refrigeration gas returning to the compressor to pre-chill the incoming ambient water improving the cooling speed of the water, the efficiency of the refrigeration system and the thermal conductivity from the system to the tank
  • Modern styling and robust construction with 304 grade stainless steel panels to all sides
  • Advanced Arcus digital controller offers greater control, increased efficiency and easy fault diagnosis.
  • Surface mounted connection points makes installation easy
  • Inbuilt 5 micron, triple action filter
  • Optional securing / leveling base
  • Optional infant step

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