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Arcus Disabled Access Water Cooler


This West Australian made water cooler is designed to allow multiple users access to cold water at one time. Furthermore, the HT4D includes a section that allows a wheelchair user to get access to a bubbler that features a touch activated dispense button. The HT4D incorporates the Arcus US62 that will provide 62 litres of 10oC water per hour in rated conditions1 and comes fully plumbed ready for install


  • NEW, now includes a plumbed bottle filler
  • To comply with disabled code for access, the end section is suitable for access by wheelchair
  • Includes easy activation touch sensitive button for users with a disability
  • Includes 3 x Rubber Bubblers, 2 standard and one with touch button activation
  • Includes US62 Water Cooler with 5.5 litre fully insulated copper storage tank
  • Unique heat exchange system in the US62 uses the refrigeration gas returning to the compressor to pre-chill the incoming ambient water improving the cooling speed of the water, the efficiency of the refrigeration system and the thermal conductivity from the system to the tank.
  • Advanced Arcus digital controller (part of the US62) offers greater control, increased efficiency and easy fault diagnosis.
  • Modern styling and robust construction with 304 grade stainless steel panels.
  • Vandal resistant cover enclosing the US62 Water Cooler

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