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The Perfect Partner for Your Supermarket Case and Supermarket Refrigeration

Arcus Australia have been supplying supermarket refrigeration for over 40 years and with this much expertise and an excellent case offering from Hussmann, there are very few reason as to why you wouldn’t chose Arcus Australia to supply and install your new supermarket case, cool rooms, freezers and more.


You can have all the refrigeration knowledge in the world, but without a solid product at the end of it it’s not worth much. 2020 sees a new and exciting chapter for Arcus with our partnership with Hussmann really starting to kick off.

Sample picture of Hussmann case (supplied by Hussmann)

Hussmann have a company promise to continually provide the most customer focused solutions in the food retailing industry and this is built into the very core of their organisation. From their inception in 1917, when Harry Hussmann invented the first meat display case through to 2020 their focus has remained the same, how can they best solve the customers toughest problems.

Combine this excellent philosophy with the refrigeration expertise Arcus offer and you have a solution that can work for almost any situation.


Are you a real butcher who is looking for a proper butchers cold plate, one that keeps your meat cold from above and below without the drying effects of air being blown over the product and one that lights the product to make it look great.  If your answer is yes, then call us today.


We don’t mind if you’re simply looking to replace a length or two of case or fit out a new supermarket, our expert staff will take you though your options on case, refrigeration methods, energy saving options and even cooking and prep areas you wish to include, we have both the expertise and the product to fulfill your needs.


Our commitment to you doesn’t end with a sale. Our in house service team are available 24/7, Perth-wide and combined with our spare parts department we are on hand to assist you in any repairs or service work you may need.


Our expertise goes beyond the refrigeration in your supermarket.  If you need stainless steel benching, racking and shelving or even cooking equipment to help produce your food offering, we have the full solutions for you.


So why not take the first step and have a conversation with us. There is no pressure or hard sell tactics, we offer the best advice we can to enable you to make the most informed decision you can.