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As one of the leading suppliers of refrigeration products and services in Australia, we make it easy to buy quality products from brands such as Bromic. Bromic Refrigeration have a reputation for providing reliable commercial refrigeration items, that offer great value for money and they stock over 150 products in their range. The Bromic range features commercial glass door display fridges, display freezers, ice machines, deli displays, under counter fridges, bar fridges and so much more.

Bromic target their range, including their commercial freezers, refrigerators and ice machines, to cafes, bakeries, delicatessens, small supermarkets, small restaurants and small bars, as well as commercial kitchens and the medical profession.

In terms of cost, Bromic offer some of the best value commercial refrigeration fridges, ice machines and freezers on the market. Check out the GM1000ECO, their entry level 2 door display chiller or their comprehensive range of glass top chest freezers. Bromic also offer solid top chest freezers that range from 675 litres down to 264 litres storage capacity.

Bromic offers a full range of ice machines, which start from as little as 18kg per day, ideal for when you are just making a few cocktails or smoothies, right through to 465kg modular machines that could keep up with most busy venues or even mine sites.

Whatever you need, the experienced team at Arcus will be able to match your requirements with the right product. From Bromic refrigeration and commercials freezers, through to ice machines, we have it all. Make an enquiry today!