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Pasta Cookers

Pasta Cookers

Pasta cookers make boiling up large quantities of pasta, noodles and other foods an absolute breeze. Here at Arcus, we have a range of commercial pasta cookers to suit all your cooking requirements. Our commercial cookers can also maximise efficiency in a busy kitchen environment.

Blue Seal Gas Pasta Cooker

With an impressive forty litre water capacity, the Blue Seal Gas Pasta Cooker will have you plating up in no time. Boasting a high-performance 450mm single-pan pasta cooker with its own unique design, these commercial cookers are built for speed. Whether you need a gentle simmer or a rolling boil, its patented infrared burner system guarantees consistent water temperatures and impressive recovery times.

Electrolux Pasta Cooker

Designed for rapid cooking, the stainless steel construction of the Electrolux Pasta Cooker promises not only durability, but hygiene as well. These commercial cookers are equipped with a safety thermostat to ensure it stops working if water levels drop too low. Powerful and ever-reliable, it guarantees a quality performance every time.

Waldorf Gas Pasta Cooker

A fully modular unit, the Waldorf Gas Pasta Cooker is designed to not only be fast, but a snap to use as well. Four stainless steel pasta baskets allow for multiple orders to be on the boil at once, while a fine-adjustment water faucet for pan filling and starch skimming allows for full control.

For more information or to talk to our expert team about our range of commercial cookers, contact Arcus today!