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At the centre of many commercial kitchens is the griddle. As useful for searing steak as it is for cooking vegetables, burgers, bacon or eggs, the griddle is the workhorse of your kitchen. We understand that every kitchen is unique, and have organised our range to have exactly the right griddle for your budget, space and cooking requirements.

We take pride that we only offer the best brands of commercial kitchen equipment, including Goldstein, Waldorf, Electrolux, Cobra, Blue Seel and Luus. Our range covers all fit-out options including griddle/fridges, griddle/ovens, bench mounted or with leg stands.

Griddle Varieties

There are a number of considerations when selecting your new griddle, these include unit size, griddle surface size and the need for a combination griddle.

Unit Size

How much space does your kitchen have? If you are working from a brick and mortar restaurant, you may be able to get the largest available. But, if you are in a small kitchen, a food truck or other cramped space, our 305-450mm models are available in benchtop or leg-stand.

Griddle Surface

Volume, this decision comes down to how much you need to cook and how much space you have. A chrome griddle will allow you to cook twice as much food in the same space as they allow you to turn the product on itself meaning you really can load it up.

Combination Griddle

This is really about your kitchen setup. If you have limited space and need an oven or additional refrigerator, we offer multi-purpose griddle units such as our Waldorf GP8910GEC gas griddle with convection oven.

Want to see the best range with competitive prices? Call Arcus today, Perth’s favourite commercial kitchen equipment supplier will have the perfect solution for your business.