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Deep Fryers

Commercial Deep Fryer

Choosing the right commercial deep fryer could be the difference between serving a good meal and a great meal. Whether you need an electric deep fryer or a gas deep fryer, you need to consider not just how much food you need to fry, but how flexible you need to be during service.

Your commercial deep fryer can be as simple or as technical as you wish. From your basic flat bottom or tube burner style single tank fryer, suitable for frying large volumes at a single temperature or a split pan fryer with two separate cooking chambers allowing you to deep fry at different temperatures in the one unit.

Deep Fryer Oil Filters

Do you filter your cooking oil? If you said no, you could be wasting thousands of dollars a year on unnecessary oil changes. Filtering the oil in your commercial deep fryer not only makes it last longer it helps maintain a consistent end product for your customers.

When it comes to filters for commercial deep fryers, we offer a range of options to choose from. Commercial deep fryer brands like Anets, Pitco and Frymaster offer the ultimate in convenience by offering commercial deep fryers with built-in filter systems. If you’re looking to add filtering to your current fryers then mobile systems from brands like Waldorf, Blue Seal, Kaybe and Vito will work with most fryers out in the market.

Browse our Range of Commercial Deep Fryers Today

For more on our extensive range of commercial deep fryers and filters, get in touch with the expert team at Arcus Australia. We offer leading brands of commercial fryers like Waldorf, Blue Seal, Cobra, Goldstein, Fymaster, Luss, Pitco, Anets and more so if you’re looking for a commercial deep fryer in Perth, look no further than Arcus Australia. Browse just a selection of our range below or call to talk to one of our consultants today.