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Bratt Pans

Bratt Pans

If you’re looking to increase your commercial cooking abilities, our Bratt Pan range can get you there. Their multi-purpose nature makes them perfect for kitchens with limited space, with the ability to do everything you need all in one appliance. Our Bratt Pans offer up to eight different cooking functions, including braising, boiling, steaming, poaching, stewing, roasting, deep-frying and shallow frying. They are also super easy to clean, helping to make sure you not only save on cleaning time, but have squeaky clean appliances ready to go for your next service.


Looking to cut your cooking time in half while still maintaining volume and colour in your food, then our pressure Bratt Pan range is for you. Our Electrolux range comes in 90 litres and 170 litre sizes and have temperature sensors fixed to the underside of the cooking surface to give you accurate and efficient temperature control. They also feature a motorized tilting axis which allows for a short pouring path and can be used to cook overnight, saving you both time and electricity. We also have the Waldorf Pressurised Bratt Pans with programmable electronic timers and heat-insulated construction.


If you want to make cooking in your commercial kitchen easier, we have a range of tilting Bratt Pans to help. Our Waldorf Tilting Bratt Pans come in 900mm and 1200mm sizes and feature large capacity pouring spouts, thermostatic control and heavy-duty lid and hinge systems. Our Blue Seal range also comes in 900mm and 1200mm sizes, with manually operated tilting mechanisms that feature foldaway handles.