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Asian Cooking

Asian Cooking

The popularity of Asian cuisine continues to rise each year. In order to impress clients and create dishes in the most authentic style, it is important to have the right equipment, specific for the job. Whether you are a large Asian restaurant, or a small café with Asian offerings, Arcus can help your Perth business create Asian dishes with equipment made specifically for the task. We have a large range of commercial kitchen equipment suited for all Asian cuisines.

We understand that Asian cuisine is just as varied as your customers. With such a range of dishes, it is important to use the best piece of equipment for each task. We offer high quality stainless steel teppanyaki grills, suitable for kitchen use or in front of guests. They are available in a range of sizes, as either free standing or bench top models. We also offer a range of top quality woks, available in water-cooled and waterless models, as single, dual, or three burner designs. We offer noodle cookers which make easy work of cooking large volumes of noodles as well as soups. Our 6-basket or 9-basket models are customisable and can be installed with a variety of noodle baskets or soup pots, depending on your needs. Don’t forget about steamers – we offer steamers available for both large and small volumes of dim sum or yum cha.

Arcus understands the needs of an Asian kitchen, and have an extensive range of Asian style commercial kitchen equipment to suit your business. We are proud to offer the Cobra, Luus and Goldstein ranges of products, all names known for reliability in the kitchen. From woks and teppanyaki grills, to noodle cookers and steamers, trust Arcus to provide high quality equipment for your Perth kitchen. Contact Arcus today for all your Asian cooking needs.