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Deep Fryers

Your commercial deep fryer can be as simple or as technical as you wish. From your basic flat bottom fryer or tube fryer, through to your more advanced self-filtering system or fully programmable auto lift systems, we have a range of commercial deep fryers to choose from. No matter what you need, for whatever purpose, you can be confident that Arcus has the right solution for your business.

Do you filter your oil?  Filtering the oil will ensure it lasts longer and doesn’t need to be replaced too often. When it comes to filters, we have a range options to choose from. American brands like Anets and Pitco both sell commercial deep fryers with built in filter systems. Leading brands such as Waldorf, Blue Seal, Cobra, Goldstein and Luus complement the range.

If you’re looking for commercial deep fryers in Perth, look no further than Arcus Australia. Browse our range below.