Small Combination Ovens

If there was ever a go-to oven, it would be the combination oven (also known as a combi oven). These multi-functional appliances offer three distinct modes of cooking – convection, steam and combination. Instead of buying both a steam oven and a convection oven, a combi oven can be bought in place of both units, lowering the total cost of your equipment. Due to their versatility, combination ovens can increase overall productivity and save on labour costs in your commercial kitchen.

We offer a wide range of leading brands, including Convotherm Blue Seal Sapien and Turbofan, right through to Houno, Rational and Unox. Each combi oven unit comes in a range of styles and sizes to suit a range of commercial applications. Features of most combi ovens are similar, but there are a few choices you will need to make. Direct-steam or boiler technology can have a direct impact on the type of product you are cooking, whilst touch screen or dial controls with determine the level of control you may have. It then comes down to unique features you may be looking for, like capacity, other cooking functions such as smoking and much more. Clever in design and big on function, combination ovens are the perfect replacement for your traditional convection oven and steamer.