SJOG Murdoch Hospital Kitchen Upgrade

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Due to a significant expansion of the hospital, there was a need to increase the production ability of the existing kitchen on site.

The brief was to increase capacity whilst doing all the work in a kitchen that still had to feed over 300 beds three times a day.

The solution was to provide additional Waldorf Bratt Pans, 2 x 150 litre Tilting Joni Kettles and a new Fyer, these items were all cantilevered from their existing spine wall on a custom Arcus frame leaving clean lines and ensuing ease of use and cleaning.

The project also included the supply and installation of a new 40 tray Rational Combi Oven and various bits of Stainless Steel, both custom and off the shelf.

Finally a custom fridge was designed and installed to fit into two existing alcoves in the kitchen.  These units were designed to take full size GN trolleys rolled straight in and are located next to their plating belt giving them easy access to the chilled food during service.  This chiller was remotely chilled using a motor located in a nearby courtyard.