SJOG Murdoch – Care Givers Cafe

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Having served the hospital well for over 10 years, it was time to upgrade the look, feel and equipment in the SJOG Care Givers Cafe and Arcus were approached to design, supply and install the food service bar.

Working closely with the Catering Manager, this project had to be delivered withing a very specific budget or it would have been postponed.  By utilising a combination of Custom Refrigeration, designed and built in our factory along with OEM products from our Partners Cossiga and Culinaire , Arcus were able to deliver this unit on time and in budget.

The unit contains Arcus 8 and 3 tray and blown air self serve food displays, along with a Culinaire 6 tray hot Bain Marie with custom Arcus gantry and finally a Cossiga 900 mm surface mounted cold food display.