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Royal Perth Hospital needed a new meal delivery system to allow them to regenerate meals and deliver them to patients.  They also needed a new meal plating belt and refrigerated cabinets to support the plate up process.

Arcus only had one partner in mind for the delivery system and that partner was Moffat and their excellent Burlodge system.  The Burlodge BSmart system allows the hospital to plate up in advance and keep all food refrigerated until required, then regenerate the hot portion in time for meal time.

To accompany the  Burldoge system we selected the Culinaire refrigerated plating belt.  This system blows cold air over the food as it runs down the line again keeping food at an optimal temperature.

The final piece of the puzzle were the Arcus custom food service units.  These 6 belt side fridges allow the hospital to keep food on hand during the plating phase of operation.  They feature a double door fridge under a 4 pan blown air cold well with the whole system designed specifically for this project.