Print Hall, Perth

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Perth’s first multi level dining and bar precinct, opened in the spring of 2012. The venue pays homage to its heritage-listed history, the old Newspaper House on St Georges Terrace. The venue boasts four levels of culinary and refined drinking options for every moment.

Key aspects of the historical building have been utilised including the internal atrium. Almost unfolding like a book, each level becomes a chapter, representative of the building’s printing origins creating a unique experience for everyone.

Our Solution.

By utilising our in house expertise in refrigeration, our full time drafting department and our own site installers, Arcus were able to design, construct and install a refrigeration system that covered 5 floors of a heritage listed building.

Running off a Central Rack Refrigeration Unit located on the roof, the install included a Central Monitoring System that offers continuous in house monitoring of all their refrigeration, which helps them with their HACCP compliance. We also provided an offsite monitoring solution, monitored by our in house Service Department; this means we can often react before an issue becomes a problem thus avoiding potential product loss.

In terms of refrigerated units, the systme include such things as;

  • Kitchen Island units with both doors and drawers.
  • Food prep chillers that offered instant access to ingredients.
  • Cool rooms for all the food, drink and even the rubbish.
  • Pastry display fridges.
  • Cheese display cabinet.
  • Open front chillers for drinks.
  • A Cool room with a glass viewing window to show the aging meat.
  • We even refrigerated a glass walled wine cellar so the impressive selection could be in full view of the diners.
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